Manski & Schi's Loyalty Rewards Program

What is Manski & Schi's Loyalty Rewards Program?

When you sign up to our loyalty program you start on the first tier, in this tier you'll receive $1 to spend in store for every $20 spent within store. As you shop more with us you progress up the tiers and each time you "level up" you'll receive an email confirming this. The diagram above indicates how many purchases for each tier and the diagram below shows what you receive in each tier.

Why do we have a loyalty program?

As a small Australian owned business, we strive to provide the highest quality service and care deeply for our customers. This is why we have created our loyalty program, to reward you for supporting us! 

We don't just have a basic loyalty program either, we have incorporated a tiered system that allows us to reward you more as you shop more with us. Just like in friendship, loyalty means a lot to us, so by having this tiered loyalty program we are showing how we are loyal back to you.

How do you join up?

There are 2 ways for joining our loyalty program:

1. Sign up to our email list, this will automatically create an account with us so you can start earning points when make your very first purchase.

2. On your first purchase (whether in be in store or online) we will ask you if you'd like to sign up to our loyalty program. If the answer is "Yes, sign me up!" we will add you to our system and you can grow your loyalty points and receive heaps of extra goodies!

*loyalty program resets every 12 months since joining.